High School

We provide rigorous academic curriculum and expectations, engaging electives, and plenty of leadership and service opportunities, all in a loving, respectful, Christian environment.

What some of the students are saying:

  • “I can actually learn things that I never understood in public school.”
  • “The teachers are caring and can personally get to know us. The school thrives and is so positive and filled with the Spirit. I love DCA because it feels like a home away from home. Everyone feels like a big family filled with love and humor.”
  • “It is very easy to stay organized at this school. I feel like I can trust my teachers. I feel like I matter. I am not very stressed most of the time.”

What does a DCA graduate look like?

Well rounded and knowledgeable members of society

  • Well rounded and knowledgeable members of society.
  • Has the ability to write at the level of a college Sophomore (or higher).
  • Is a great disciple of the Christ who changed the world.
  • Is equipped to face the responsibilities and challenges of adulthood.
  • Has the ability to successfully critique and have personal self-reflection for adulthood.
  • Is an advanced critical thinker.

Leadership Opportunities

Chick-Fil-A Leadership
Student Council
National Honor Society

Elective Classes

Homework Club
Life Skills

Core Subjects

Life Science
Earth Science
World Geography
Ancient Civilizations
American History

Service Opportunities

Peer Mentoring
Morning Announcements
Salvation Army Projects
Bags of Hope Volunteers