Daycare Closure 2023/2024

  • August 24th and 25th - In service Days
  • September 4th - Labor Day
  • October 9th - Columbus Day
  • November 23rd and 24th - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 25th- Christmas Day
  • January 1st - New Year's Day
  • January 15th - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • February 9th - Teacher Development
  • February 19th - Presidents' Day
  • March 29th Good Friday
  • May 27th Memorial Day
  • July 1st-July 5th - Daycare Summer Break

For snow days, we follow Attleboro School System (generally). You will receive an email and/phone call from DCA when we close.

Daycare Registration/Re-enrollment

APPLICATION FEE - A $150.00(non-refundable) application fee is required for all new student applicants. This fee secures your child’s placement in the program and may be paid up to 6 months prior to your child’s anticipated start date. A discounted enrollment fee of $75.00 (non-refundable), for returning students only, is offered if paid between June 1st and August 1st. Enrollment fees are payable at the time of enrollment. Before the enrollment process can be completed, all prior year financial
obligations must be paid in full which would be by August 20th. These fees are not part nor do they go towards the tuition at all.

2023-2024 Annual Tuition FACTS Link: FACTS LINK

If you elect not to enroll your child after the registration fee is paid you will not be refunded. In the event you have processed enrollment information, selected a start date and signed an enrollment agreement form, you are financially responsible for Month or 30 days of tuition, should you choose not to enroll your child within 15 days of their anticipated start. For example, if your child is supposed to start on September 6th and you decide on Aug 31st you no longer need for them to attend- you will be financially responsible for that Month or the 30 days of their designated tuition rate. Under no circumstance will a registration fee be refunded. These policies are set in place in order to support the functioning and cover costs of lapse in enrollment here at Dayspring Daycare



2023 Tuition Rates

Infants: Infants 6 weeks to 15 months (or availability in TTR Room)

Full Time (M-F) $310.00 Weekly
Part Time (1-4 days) $80.00 Daily

Toddlers/Toddler Transition Room:

Full Time (M-F) $290.00 Weekly
Part Time (1-4 days) $70.00 Daily

Preschool Transition Room:

Full Time (M-F) $275.00 Weekly
Part Time (1-4 days) $65.00 Daily

Open enrollment is available year round in the Daycare.
These payments will cover holidays, vacations and any closings. You are responsible to pay even if you are on vacation or if your child is out sick.

You will set up a FACTS Tuition account to make monthly payments. FACTS
District code: DA-MA, Create new Family Portal. You must use the same email you provided the school. A link will be sent (It is only good for 6 hrs.)